“What kind of witchery is this??”

“I never rave about anything, but seriously, if anyone has a child struggling with times tables, get Times Fables!”

– J. Francis, parent

Many children find it hard to learn their times tables. Times Fables® makes it really fun, by teaching the times tables through stories that have been specially developed with visual learners in mind.

Traditionally, children have been encouraged to learn times tables by rote. And while some children are able to learn their times tables with ease, many others struggle. This can have a devastating effect on a child’s learning, often translating into a mistaken belief by the child that they are not good at mathematics.

Written by Jessie Wilson in 2017, Times Fables® is a right-brain system that helps children memorise times tables with ease. Inspiration for the book came when Jessie was trying to teach her daughter her times tables. Thinking back to her own school days, she recalled that her ‘favourite’ multiplication was 7 times 8. Why? Because she lived in house number 56. A lightbulb went off in her head, and she started wondering if the solution to her daughter’s times tables woes might be as simple as adding some memory “pegs” to the multiplication facts to aid recall. And with this, Times Fables® was born…

“This book is miraculous!”

“My little girl has been struggling with her times tables since starting school a few years ago. She read this book and by the end of the same evening, knew all her times tables. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

– Amazon review

Designed to be used once a child has grasped the basic concept of multiplication – typically achieved by the time they have mastered their 2, 5 and 10 times tables – this unconventional yet highly effective method of learning significantly cuts down both the time and stress it takes many children to learn the multiplication facts by presenting them in a fun and engaging way.

“Honestly I could cry with joy.”

“Having struggled for the past three years, we have found a tool to help and inspire. My daughter understood the concept straight away and enjoys recalling the stories and linking them to her sums. I cannot thank the author enough, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Amazon review

By adopting a highly visual and fun story-based approach, Times Fables® removes much of the stress and frustration felt by parents when trying to teach multiplication to their kids. The reviews speak for themselves. Since its publication in December 2017, Times Fables® has become a number one best seller on Amazon and has received literally hundreds of positive testimonials and reviews from teachers and parents sharing stories of how it helped their children – in many cases, when other methods had failed.

“I was a bit sceptical that this book would help as quickly as it claimed but IT WORKS!”

“After reading it once my son could remember half the calculations. After a few more goes this week he is rapidly recalling all of them. This is after years of trying to find different ways to make times tables easier to learn and more engaging. He finds it so easy to just think of the characters and recall the answer.”

– Amazon review

Our advice when reading the book is to keep an open mind and not try to worry too much about if or how the system is working. Encourage your child to memorise the characters on the first page of the book, and then just read through the stories, and all will be revealed in due course. We promise, it really does work!